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longs peak

Longs Peak, The Keyhole

I’m on my fourth week off climbing, trying to recover my shoulder from an injury. I tore my rotator cuff more than a month ago on a project. I rested for a few days and started to climb again too…

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Alpine Bouldering, Chaos Canyon

I’we been hanging out in Estes Park since June, and have spent some time up at Chaos Canyon. Chaos offers high quality bouldering at 10,500  feet, simply amazing. The park got dumped on last winter but psyched climbers were digging out…

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Looking back

Hey people! I want to start this blogging with some photos from our adventure in 2009/2010. Nathan and I were on the road for a year. We started in Colorado and drove north through Penitente Canyon, Yosemite, Bishop and Zion before we…

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Just figured I’d start off with a post of Blimp, one of the most incredible moderate finger cracks I’ve ever climbed. This one’s in the Grampians, in Australia. Grade 21.

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