2013 – 8a.nu Feature Story

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Eight months after my accident  I was back climbing better than ever before. My goals on this trip were to find routes that challenged my comfort zone and hopefully send one 8a by the time I left. I thought I was grasping at straws when it came to sending an 8a, but I experienced that fact that if you want something strong enough  visualize your dream, and put down the work it takes, no goal is too far fetched and no ambition is too high.

After three weeks I sent Just Call Me Helmet, my 1st 8a. By the end of the trip, I ticked off:
  • Thyrolean air, 7c/5.12d
  • Just Call Me Helmet, 8a/5.13b
  • Elephant, 8a/5.13b
  • Sitspins, 8a/5.13b
  • Sitspins remix, 8a+/5.13c
  • Art and Sport, 8a+/5.13c

You find more about my trip to Thailand here: Climbing my way back up

All amazing pictures by Nathan Welton and Terje Aamodt

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