2014 – Outdoor End Profile

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A blog profile on Outdoor End.  Here is an excerpt:

Q:  What are some words of advice you could give for beginner climbers who are psyched on climbing and have big goals in mind?

A: “Take it slow but steady, and be patient. Try to go rock climbing with good climbers and study their techniques. Find some mentors and maybe even get a coach to help you make a training program  so as to avoid injury and over training. If you want to get good, go climbing with people who are better than you…Face your weaknesses and (work on them), don’t rely on your strengths. Embrace failure and learn to love the struggle. …..If you want to be a good rock climber, go rock climbing. There are too many climbers who get caught up on campus boarding or one-arm pull ups or whatever. And one of the most important things to overcome to be a good climber is the fear of falling. We’re all afraid of it to some degree, and we should all work it as part of every training session. Above all, put pride in your belay skills and keep everyone safe!”