Y&Y Belay Glasses – Review –

June 26, 2015

Y&Y review

A pair of belay gasses is a cheap insurance to avoid belayer’s neck, and it has become an essential part of my climbing gear.

I’ve had a few pairs over the years and the ones from Y&Y definitely stick out from the competitors. You can pick them up at Amazon here.

I broke them in on a recent trip to Penitente Canyon, a fun little volcanic cliff in central Colorado.  The first thing I noticed about them is that they are light weight, which is way more important than it sounds. Heavier belay glasses tend to just fall off my face whenever I look down, but these stay put, which is a huge bonus. If they fall off, you have to put them back on, and that means you might have a lapse in concentration toward the climber.

Y&Y belay glasses

The construction makes them comfortable, adjustable and resistant to deformation. They didn’t skimp on materials, which makes it feel like you put on a real pair of glasses. The nose pads are a lot more comfortable than on my previous glasses, and are easily adjustable to a custom fit.

Y&Y belay glasses review

Also, because the ear pieces are like regular glasses, I’m never afraid of poking out my eyeballs if I have to put them on fast. Some other belay glasses have ear pieces that are bent metal instead of hinged metal, and the bent metal is flimsy and finicky. The construction and materials of the arms seem pretty burly, and so far I haven’t been able to bend or break anything.

Last, the prisms: It seems like they are just the right size. Some glasses have tiny prisms that are just too small, while others have enormous prisms and I can’t see anything else (big prisms are also heavy, which makes the glasses fall off). These strike a happy middle ground, where I can see the climber but also see anything else if I need to. Also, the glue that holds the prism to the frame doesn’t come apart, which has been a problem on my previous glasses.

The Y&Y glasses pack small and come in a awesome little box that you can clip to your harness, which keeps me from losing or stepping on them.

I have tried almost all the belay glasses on the market and really think Y&Y are the best ones out there. Amazon sells them at this link! 

Y&Y Belay glasses review