Bursitis Pro

Somewhere out there is a climber who owned a pair of Mythos that I found as they were being thrown out, but which saved an entire season of mine in Kalymnos. I’d like to repay this person with a free…

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frictionlabs chalk rannveig

FrictionLabs coupon code!

I’m happy to announce that I can offer a coupon code to all of you, with a 50% off discount on chalk from FrictionLabs Just follow this link! . This chalk really does make a difference. My favorite is the Gorilla…

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Sport Climbing in Norway

Rock Climbing in Norway

photo: NORWAY A small country with beautiful mountains and a population less than the city Detroit. I grew up among the wild mountains of Romsdal, which is famous for its steep mountains, deep valleys, and spectacular beauty. Romsdal is home to Europe’s tallest vertical rock…

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Y&Y belay glasses

Y&Y Belay Glasses – Review –

A pair of belay gasses is a cheap insurance to avoid belayer’s neck, and it has become an essential part of my climbing gear. I’ve had a few pairs over the years and the ones from Y&Y definitely stick out from the competitors. You can…

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A interview with my climbing coach/ physiotherapist – Stian Christophersen

Over the last three years it’s been essential for me to have a coach I can trust 100%. Beside coaching the Norwegian climbing team, Stian Christophersen is a highly educated physiotherapist and one of Norway’s best climbers himself. After I got…

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April 26, 2015: My third “birthday”

It’s been three years since I took a 50 foot ground fall while sport climbing in Turkey.  The recovery process was horrendous, and it’s interesting to experience that I’m still progressing. The progression is no longer linear; the steps are smaller…

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Winter climbing in Mallorca

For a long time Nathan and I had been dreaming about living in a small village in Spain. Our criteria were that we could walk to a local baker in the morning, drink good coffee and climb on steep limestone…

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Ski Making | Blowing life into an ancient art

I was born in Norway on an ancient Viking farm. The legend says that every baby in Norway pops out with skis on their feet. I was a January baby and skiing, as the legend predicted, became my main winter activity at an…

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Yoga & meditation as a tool in fear management.

While climbing in Turkey in April 2012, I took a 50-foot ground fall — you can read about it here ( The result was catastrophic: three broken vertebrae, a broken pelvis, a compound elbow fracture, and worst of all, two…

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Rannveig Aamodt and Line Tveter


My friend Line Tveter is guest blogging for me today! Here is her awesome piece about friends and climbing 🙂 FRIENDS – No, you geek, not cams… friends of flesh and blood When I ask climbers why they climb, they…

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